Uneven Circumcision

What Is A Mohel?

A mohel is a Jew who performs circumcisions. In this article, we will explore what a mohel is and what their job entails. We will also discuss the history and meaning of circumcision, as well as the various controversies that surround the Jewish practice of circumcision.

What is a Mohel?

A Mohel is a Jewish religious person who performs the circumcision of male babies. Mohels are often highly skilled in traditional Jewish ceremonies and are typically chosen for their abilities to perform circumcisions quickly and with minimal pain.

How do Mohels Perform the Ritual?

Mohels are Jewish ritual circumcisers. They perform an ancient circumcision ceremony on male babies, usually when they are about eight days old. Mohels use a special knife called a “berach” to cut away the foreskin of the baby’s penis. Many families choose a mohel for this special honor because he is specially trained in the art of circumcision and has experience performing the procedure safely and properly.

What are the Risks Associated with a Mohel?

A mohel is a Jewish religious leader who performs circumcision. There are many risks associated with having a mohel perform the circumcision. These risks include:

– contracting herpes simplex virus (HSV) from the circumcised penis
– developing urinary tract infections (UTIs)
– getting an infection during the surgery itself
– experiencing bleeding or other complications

Is it Necessary to Have a Mohel for a Jewish Baby?

A mohel is a Jewish ritual circumciser. It is not necessary to have a mohel for a Jewish baby, but it can be an important part of the ceremony. A mohel will cut the foreskin of your baby’s penis, which is considered a holy act. This can symbolize the covenant that God made with Abraham.


A mohel is a Jewish professional who performs ritual circumcision. A mohel must meet specific requirements, including being certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC also requires that a mohel have completed at least four years of postsecondary education in medical sciences, preferably in urology or neonatology.

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