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10 Places That Accept Fake IDs in NYC


You’ll need a fake ID if you’re out and about in New York City and want to party like it’s 1999. In fact, according to The Real Deal, the city is now one of the top ten places in the world where you can purchase a fake ID. So if you’re looking to get hammered this weekend, check out one of these ten places that accept counterfeit IDs. And if you get caught with one, don’t worry—you won’t go to jail; remember that it isn’t legal to drink in public in New York City.


What are Fake IDs?


There are several places in New York City where you can get a fake ID. Some popular spots include Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens


bars and clubs.


To get a fake ID, you will need to find a place willing to provide one. You can ask around at your school or work or by browsing online. Make sure that you choose a site that is legitimate and safe. Avoid places known for selling fake IDs, as these are often unreliable sources.


Once you have found a suitable spot, be prepared to pay for the ID. Prices vary depending on the location and quality of the ID, but they typically cost between $50 and $100. Once you have paid for the ID, bring along any required identification documents (such as your driver’s license) in case the ID is rejected.


How to get a Fake ID in NYC


There are plenty of fake ID providers in NYC, and many specialize in specific areas, like sports or the arts. Here’s a look at 5 of the best places to get a fake ID in the city.


  1. IDGod


IDGod is a well-known provider of fake IDs and has locations across New York City. They offer various IDs that look real enough to pass for legitimate documents but are also secure enough to avoid being caught by law enforcement. Prices start at $35 for an essential ID and go up depending on the features included.


  1. NYCPass


NYCPass is another provider of high-quality fake IDs that can be used for any imaginable purpose. They offer standard and customized IDs that are perfect for anyone looking for an edge regarding security or convenience. Prices start at $45 and go up depending on the features included.


  1. FakeIDCenter NYC


FakeIDCenter NYC is another supplier of high-quality fake IDs with various features and prices to fit any budget. Their standard IDs are affordable but still provide high-quality security features, while their customized options allow you to create an ID that perfectly suits your needs. Prices start at $60 and go up depending on the features included.


  1. My Local Fake ID Store NYC


My Local Fake ID Store NYC specializes in providing custom fake IDs complete with accurate graphics.


Where to get a Fake ID in NYC


If you’re looking to score some quality fake IDs in New York City, there are plenty of places to turn. Whether you want a replica of your driver’s license or something new and unique, these establishments have all the necessary supplies.


Some of the best places to procure a fake ID in NYC include liquor stores, convenience stores, and head shops. Most of these establishments will have whatever type of ID you might be looking for, as well as fake passports and other identification documents.


Remember that not all fake IDs are created equal. Make sure to get a quality product from a reputable source if you use it for illegal activities. Also, take proper safety precautions when handling any fake ID – don’t let anyone else see it, and don’t carry it around with you in public.


What happens if you get caught with a Fake ID in NYC?


If you have a fake ID, a few things can happen. Under the legal drinking age, you could be arrested and face severe penalties, including a criminal record. If you’re over the legal drinking age, you could be subjected to fines or even jail time. Additionally, if you provide a fake ID to someone who is not allowed to possess one, that person may also be subject to criminal charges.




New York City is known for its strict ID requirements, so if you’re looking to go out and have some fun, you must know about the places that accept fake IDs in the city. Whether you’re trying to score a free drink or want to experience a night out with your friends without worrying about getting hassled by the police, knowing where these establishments are will help make your night much more accessible.



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