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Corporate Video Production In Somalia: A Success Story

When you think of Somalia, images of war and famine may come to mind. However, there’s another side to Somalia—one where business is booming. In this blog post, we will explore how corporate video production in Somalia has been a success story. From start to finish, the process was smooth and efficient. Our team was able to produce high-quality videos that accurately reflected the company’s brand image. And the best part? We were able to do it all without sacrificing our safety or the environment. Thanks to corporate video production in Somalia, our company is now well-known and respected in the industry.

What is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production in Somalia is a success story. After the country’s 1990-1991 civil war, the private sector was eager to invest in the reconstruction of Somalia. As reconstruction progressed, so did the need for quality video content to demonstrate progress and attract foreign investment. In 2006, two year after the start of the Arab Spring, there were only four TV stations in Somalia, all of which were state-owned. By late 2012, there were over 30 TV stations and over 100 radio stations broadcasting throughout Somalia.

There are three types of corporate video production: product launches, marketing videos, and news footage. Product launches typically use creative visuals to help sell a new product or service. Marketing videos are used to generate leads and increase sales. News footage is used to document major events or happenings in order to provide historical context. Somali businesses have realized that corporate video production can be an important tool for brand awareness and promotion. In addition to enhancing customer loyalty and brand affinity, corporate video can also help promote transparency within a company and dispel rumors online.

It is no surprise then that corporate video production has become a significant industry in Somalia. There are several reasons why Somali businesses have found success with corporate video production: 1) there is a need for quality content due to limited broadcast infrastructure; 2) Somali businesses are known for their creativity and videography skills; 3) the cost of professional video production services is lower than elsewhere in Africa; 4) Somali business owners are

The Different Types of Corporate Videos

There are many types of corporate videos, and each requires a different approach. Here are three popular types of videos and the tips for making them successful:

1. Product Videos
Product videos help sell products by showcasing their features and benefits. To create a product video that sells, start by understanding your target audience. Who is your customer? What are they interested in? What do they want to know about your product? Once you have answers to these questions, start filming!

To make your product video interesting and engaging, include footage of real customers using your product. This will show potential buyers that your product is truly useful and helpful. Also, be sure to include footage of how your product can save users time or money. You don’t want viewers to just watch the video; you want them to buy the product!

2. Sales pitches
Sales pitches are important because they show potential buyers how your company can benefit them. You don’t need high-production values for a sales pitch; all you need is good storytelling. Start by taking stock of what sells in the market place—what has worked in the past? What makes customers want to do business with you? Once you have an understanding of what works well, start writing sales pitches that reflect those principles.

Remember to keep it short, simple, and snappy; most people don’t have time to read long sales pitches! Keep things moving along by including visual

The Elements of a Good corporate video

A corporate video can be a powerful tool to promote your company and its products. It can also be an important part of marketing your company overseas, especially in difficult or unstable markets. Here are four tips for making a successful corporate video:

1. Choose the right subject matter. Your video should focus on your company’s unique selling points and what makes your products or services stand out from others on the market.

2. Research production methods. There are many different production methods available, so it’s important to choose one that will fit the look and feel of your video project. You may want to consider using traditional filming methods such as aerial footage or shooting on location, or you may prefer more innovative options, such as virtual reality technology or 3D graphics software.

3. Plan ahead. Before starting filming, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want the finished product to look like. This will help you plan shots and avoid lost time while shooting due to last-minute changes.

4. Use sound effects and music wisely. Both sound effects and music can add polish and pizzazz to your video presentation, so use them sparingly but effectively. Overuse can ruin an otherwise well-made video presentation

How to produce a corporate video in Somalia

For many small businesses in Somalia, producing a corporate video can seem like an insurmountable task. The lack of equipment, expertise, and funding often stands between these businesses and a professional video production. Yet despite these challenges, there are companies across the country that have been able to produce high-quality videos that help promote their brand and product.

The first step in creating a corporate video in Somalia is finding a willing collaborator. Most businesses will need at least one representative from the marketing or sales team be present for filming; without someone to champion the project, it is likely to be scrapped before it even begins. Next, it is important to find a location that can both shoot footage and accommodate a crew for editing. Since equipment is often scarce in Somalia, many businesses opt for simple setups using available light and natural settings.

Once locations are chosen and crew assembled, the next obstacle is cost. Videos produced in Somali generally cost more than those produced outside of the country due to higher costs associated with production such as travel fees, permits, and equipment rentals. Luckily, there are several ways to offset these expenses including partnering with local filmmakers or working with freelancers who can provide services on a contract basis.

Despite the challenges involved in producing corporate videos in Somalia, there are companies that have been able to create successful projects using these methods. With patience and perseverance, any business can achieve success through video production – no matter where they are located in the world!


In this article, we take a look at corporate video production in Somalia and how it has been successful. Throughout the years, there have been many companies that have ventured into Somali market only to experience failure. However, our team at Corporate Video Productions has successfully produced corporate videos for both small businesses as well as multinationals. Our team understands the Somali culture and is able to produce high-quality videos that resonate with local audiences. If you are interested in video production in Somalia, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to offer you a free consultation.

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