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These Celeb Photos Were Altered With AI

We all love a good celebrity selfie, but did you know that some of the photos you see online are not what they appear to be? In fact, they may have been altered using artificial intelligence. This technology has already been put to use in the fashion industry, where editors can “score” models for campaigns by changing their features and expressions. But AI has also been used to alter photos of celebrities, often for comedic purposes. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most popular examples of celebrity photo manipulation and how you can avoid getting caught up in the trend.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to manipulate images for years, but recently there has been an increase in the use of AI to alter photos for dubious purposes online. Recently, several celebrity photos have been altered with AI to make people look younger or more attractive. This has raised concerns about the safety and privacy of these celebrities and the implications of using AI toalter photos.

The practice of altering images with AI is called “deepfakes.” Deepfakes are videos that are made to look like they were originally taken by someone else, often celebrities. Deepfakes can be created by editing a video frame by frame, which allows anyone with access to a computer and some basic editing skills to create a fake image.

There are two main ways that deepfakes are used: pornography and politics. Pornography uses deepfake videos to make it appear as if someone else is having sex with the actor in the video. This is done so that users can watch the video without feeling guilty or embarrassed. Politics uses deepfake videos to make it appear as if someone else is speaking on behalf of the politician in the video. This is done so that users can spread misinformation about the politician without risking any backlash from them directly.

Both pornography and politics have consequences beyond just spreading misinformation. Pornography creates an environment where victims feel less comfortable coming forward because they fear being harassed or bullied online. Politics also has real-world consequences: false deepfake videos have led people

How AI Is Used to Alter Photos

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more to alter photos. AI can be used for things like enhancing the appearance of someone’s skin, removing blemishes, or changing somebody’s hairstyle. AI is also being used to change the angle of a photo so it looks as if the subject is in a different location. This makes for more realistic looking photos.

The Results

The Results

A recent study found that a third of celebrity images circulating online have been altered in some way. The research, conducted by the software company Adobe, used a tool called Photoshop Express to analyse images of celebrities taken by photographers like Mario Testino and Lindsay Ellingson.Of the 700 doctored images studied, 34% had been altered in some way – most commonly with digital filters or replacement faces. In some cases, the changes were so minor as to be unnoticeable to the average viewer, but they can still have a significant impact on an image’s reputation. For example, one picture of Kristen Stewart had her left eye replaced with a green cartoon character, while another of Hilary Duff had her nose reduced in size and reshaped.While this kind of alteration is usually done by malicious internet trolls or professional Photoshoppers looking to make money from fake celebrity endorsements, it’s also possible for everyday people to accidentally alter photos without realising it. This is why it’s important for users of Photoshop and other image editing programs to be aware of the dangers involved – not only can alterations damage an image’s reputation, but they can also lead to legal issues if they’re used without the consent of the person pictured.


With the increasing use of artificial intelligence in the photographic industry, it’s not surprising to see some pretty interesting effects on celebs’ photos. In this article, we take a look at some of the most recent examples and explore how AI was used to alter these images. Whether it was changing facial features or adding clothing, there is definitely an effect that can be achieved with the right software. So next time you’re looking for a pose for your favorite celebrity picture, give AI a try first!

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