How To Know If A Car Shipper Is A Broker Or Aggregator?

If you’re in the market for a car transport company, it’s important to know the difference between broker and aggregator car shipping companies. A broker is a car shipping company specializes in selling cars from one location to another, while an aggregator car shipping company connects car buyers and sellers all over the world.

That said, some car transport companies may appear to be brokers, but they are only aggregators. As a result, if you’re looking for a car shipping company that is truly specialized in car transport, you’ll need to go with a broker company. The most important thing is to do your research so that you choose the right car transport company for your needs!

What is the difference between a Car Transport Broker and an Aggregator?

When it comes to choosing a car shipper, it’s important to know the difference between a broker and an aggregator. A broker is licensed and regulated by the government and is in charge of finding you a carrier. They will typically have higher commissions than aggregators but offer more services, such as negotiating discounts and helping to find a well-suited carrier for your transport needs.

Aggregators are not licensed and do not have the same safety standards as brokers. They are in charge of collecting your information and selling it to brokers. This means that they typically have lower commissions but may not offer as many services.

An Aggregator does not have any license or regulation.

When it comes to the topic of carrier licensing, there are two main players in the market – brokers and aggregators. An aggregator is not a regulated business, and as such, they are not bound by any rules or regulations. This means that an aggregator can do whatever they want with the data they collect – be it selling it on their own or sharing it with other companies for marketing purposes.

On the other hand, a broker is a licensed business that acts as a middleman between carriers and customers. They play a very crucial role in ensuring customer safety by screening potential carriers before allowing them access to customer data.

Aggregator Sells Leads to Brokers

A car shipping broker acts as an intermediary between a car shipper and a carrier. They are responsible for connecting the two parties and facilitating the auto transport process. An aggregator, on the other hand, is a business that sells vehicle shipping leads to brokers.

As such, they play no role in shipping your car; all they do is sell your information to brokers who bombard you with offers via phone or email.

How to Know if a Car Shipper is a Broker or Aggregator?

When it comes to car shipping, it can be difficult to tell if a car shipper is a broker or aggregator. This is because these companies offer a variety of shipping options, from shipping a car yourself to using a car shipping company. As a result, the distinction between broker and aggregator can be a little murky.

That said, here are some key indicators that can help you determine the nature of the company claiming to be a car transporter online:

Aggregators Have No Motor Carrier Number

An aggregator is not a registered auto shipping company; brokers are. Therefore brokers have motor carrier numbers (MC#) on their websites, while aggregators don’t.

Aggregator Asks for A lot of Personal Details.

Be careful when giving out your personal details to car shippers and aggregators. Aggregators, in particular, will often ask for a lot of personal information, such as your address, contact numbers and email address. This is because they use this data to earn money from lead-hungry brokers. However, be cautious if someone asks for too much information – it could mean they will sell this information in the future.

Broker has Same Website Name as Company Name.

The website name you are on must match the company name of your promoting website. This is especially true regarding car shipping companies, as these companies often have similar names. For example, if you see a car shipping company called “John’s Car Shipping”, make sure that its website URL also includes “”. If not, it might be an aggregator promoting 3rd party websites to get leads.


Car shipping can be confusing and stressful, so it’s important to ensure you’re working with the right car shipper. By understanding the difference between a broker and an aggregator, you can make the right choice for your shipping needs.

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